Here’s what’s up……

As the spring approaches, I look forward to continuing to work with the porcelain clay that I have had in the studio for a long time. It is a challenge to find the right balance of color and form and I am enjoying the process. Hopefully, I will have some finished work for the summer fairs in and around Meredith. As always, please call if you want to visit the studio. I would love to show “what’s up”…in person.


About Sharon R. Nahill

I have been a potter/sculptor for over 30 years. My pottery is made by traditional methods aspiring to beauty through function. The glaze palette is varied and complex resulting in simple forms with dramatic color. The sculpture is abstract with a focus on organic forms and their relationships to the human figure. In the past ten years, I have become very interested in Photography and I spend a lot of time hiking in the wild spaces of the the National Parks and at home here, in NH. I also love capturing the sites in my garden and the wildlife on the lakes. You can see my photos displayed at the Longview Country Store (Rt. 3 in Meredith, NH) and on the "Photography" page of this website.
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