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The Covid Year is finally over and I refuse to use the plural because we now have three vaccines. Hopefully people are going to keep wearing masks and distancing until everybody is immunized. We have a New Year, a new President, and lots of hope that the pandemic will end. Brighter times are ahead.

Due to Covid and the closing of the marvelous Oglethorpe and The Artisans By the Bay Galleries, my venues for pottery are photography are limited to The Longview Country Store (see Pottery Link) and my own studio. Hopefully, as the pandemic resolves there will be more local Art and Craft Fairs and that I will have a chance to catch up with my fellow potters and all of you.

I have been working on quite a few new form changes to my “Kitchen Ware” pottery and I hope to show them off soon. Check the “Pottery” link on the banner of my home page. In addition, I have been attending lots of ZOOM meeting with the wonderful photographers of NH and MA. It has been great to learn so much and be challenged.

My visits to many parks a year ago have provided me with months of editing pleasure 😉 and I have just finished all the Costa Rica shots from now almost two years ago. Some might interest you but most just satisfied my love of Botany. LOTS of orchid and flower shots. There are some wildlife ones too so take a look. Hopefully, I will get to my backlog of US National Parks Photos as Jim and I went to four more last February before the lock down; Big Bend, Saguaro, Gaudalupe Mountain and Carlsbad Caverns National Parks. A fabulous, amazing trip with WAY too many photos. We also canoed the Rio Grande into Santa Elena Canyon.

So…Please be patient and stay tuned!

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